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Policies & Procedures Manual

Records Management
Responsible Department
Office of the Secretary
Responsible Officer
University Secretary
Effective Date
I. General Scope
This policy affects the following groups of the University:
  • Entire University Community
II. Scope Detail

This policy affects all members of the university community.

III. Policy Summary

This Policy provides a framework for managing, retaining, and disposing of Official Records. It also identifies records to be transferred to the University Archives.

IV. Policy History
April 04, 2012:

There were no changes to this policy during its three-year review.

October 02, 2008: Policy created.
V. Policy Approvals
Minor Changes/No Changes 04/04/2012
Presidential Approval 10/01/2008
Joint Council 10/01/2008
Policy Review Group 09/16/2008
VI. Policy

An Official Record is any original information produced and/or maintained by offices within the university that provides evidence of DePaul's organization, business activities, decisions, procedures, operations, or transactions, regardless of format. The University maintains a Records Retention Schedule outlining the various categories of Official Records retained by DePaul. It further identifies the academic and business unit(s) responsible for ensuring retention of each category of Official Records.


Official Records must be retained by the responsible department for the period of time identified in the University Records Retention Schedule. Prior to the destruction of an Official Record, a Records Disposal Certificate must be completed. Following that period, Official Records shall be disposed of using the method indicated in the University Records Retention Schedule. Records that are to be sent to the University Archives must be transferred in accordance with their collection and transfer policy.   Records that are to be retained permanently must be kept in such a way to allow reasonable access to them upon request.


Unofficial records are defined as records that have no independent, operational, fiscal, legal, historical, or other value to the university. These records may include drafts, duplicates or 'convenience' copies of official records or records used for reference purposes. Unofficial records should be disposed of as soon as they have met their immediate business need and should not be maintained by any academic or business unit longer than the official record.


Records subject to the Information Security Policy must be stored and disposed of in compliance with that policy to ensure their security and privacy. For more information, please see the Information Security Policy.

Employees or departments retaining records subject to a Legal Hold issued by the Office of the General Counsel must suspend the regularly scheduled destruction or disposal of such records until the Legal Hold is formally released.  For more information, please see the Legal Hold and Record Preservation Policy.

VII. Procedures

Procedures necessary for implementing this policy are available in the Records Management Manual (see below, Section VII - Appendices).  Additional information and training materials can be found on the Records Management Website. 

VIII. Divisional Collaborations

Office of the University Secretary

Office of the General Counsel

Office of Institutional Compliance

Internal Audit

IX. Contact Information

Director of Records Management



X. Appendices

Records Management Manual

Records Retention Schedule

Records Destruction Certification


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