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Scanning 101

For offices considering scanning documents as a part of everyday operations, many things should be contemplated before undertaking such a project. This workshop will cover topics such as but not limited to: document preparation, scanner and software selection, office personnel considerations, project management hints, retention and disposition, document schema and budgetary tips.

Learning Outcomes:

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will:

  • Analyze and consider all aspects of commencing a scanning project and determine the appropriate application of technology for individual situations.
  • Administer appropriate document retention and disposition principles to electronic documents within the project.
  • Understand the impacts of staples, post-it notes, simplex vs. duplex documents and document quality on scanners.
  • Gain exposure to various types of scanners and software solutions based on appropriate application to the project.
  • Consider and properly schedule human resources for preparation and executing the scanning project.
  • Understand popular document naming conventions and schemas and their impact on scanning projects.
  • Apply basic project management principles to elements such as timelines, budgets and political considerations.

To register for this workshop please visit the Upcoming Training section for more information.

To register for the 20 minute online training session please register via the following steps:

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    • Search by Course Name (Scanning 101 – Online) or Course Number (ESC001)
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    • Select "Submit"
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