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Filing Best Practices

Do you have difficulty finding documents when you need them? Do you wish you knew the best way to name your files and the best places to put them so you could find them later? Do you wish it was easier to know when you could get rid of all that old stuff?

If those are your questions then you’ve come to the right place. This Filing Best Practices training video will address all those questions and more. You’ll learn about the records lifecycle and how it affects the way you create, store, and get rid of documents. You’ll also get tips and tricks regarding the best ways to name your files and the best places to store them.

To watch the full 40 minute video please register via the following steps:

  1. Navigate to For Employees
    • Select Self Service
    • Select Learning and Development
    • Select Request Training Enrollment
    • Search by Course Name (Filing Best Practices – Online) or Course Number (EFB001)
    • Choose View Available Sessions
    • Click the Session number (There should only be one listed. Disregard the start date.)
    • Select "Submit"
  2. Verification of your enrollment will be sent by e-mail from Workplace Learning and Performance
  3. Records Management will send you the direct link to the full Filing Best Practices video once you’ve completed registration.

If you have any issues with registration, view the registration tutorial or contact

If you have any questions about the information in the video, please contact the Department of Records Management at or 2-7941.

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