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You probably have a file drawer or two-- or a file cabinet!-- filled with old office files that you produced or inherited over the years. These items may document your department and its function. You might need them to answer questions your boss has. You might take a look and compare them to the records retention schedule, and decide you don't need them any more (or you shouldn't have them at all). Or you might decide that they are part of the records that provide unique and vital information about your department or office that should be transferred to Archives.

When you transfer those records to University Archives those files become part of the collective history of DePaul and benefit future scholars, researchers and students. The University Archives exists to document the history of DePaul. If you are looking for a place to store non-archival records long-term outside of your office, please see the section titled Storage

Here is a brief list of records that should be transferred to the University Archives:

  • Annual or summary reports that document the business and accomplishments of your department
  • Publications produced for dissemination by your department
  • Minutes of official departmental bodies -- that is, meeting minutes of committees or groups that make decisions that impact the functions and future of the department
  • Other records listed as needing to be sent to the University Archives on the Records Retention Schedule

For more information on what records should be transferred to the University Archives and how they should be transferred, please contact Andrea Bainbridge at abainbri@depaul.edu or (773) 325-1746.

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