Disposition of Records 

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DePaul currently has a contract with R4 Services to provide shredding services for the university.

Records of a confidential or proprietary nature should be shredded. It is important to use the shredding consoles that are provided through R4 Services and not use personal shredders. If a department has a legal hold placed on their records is it easy to verify that destruction has been halted if the records to be shredded are always placed in the approved consoles because there is a record kept of their pick up and shredding. If you have a shredder in the office that you feed the documents into and it shreds as they are fed in, you can not verify that shredding stopped when the hold was placed.

Additionally, it is more efficient to place your records to be shredded into a shredding console instead of standing at your office shredder feeding them one handful at a time. Large and small quantities can be placed into the console and it can be emptied at your convenience.

If your office needs a shredding console, please contact the Department of Records Management at recordsmanagement@depaul.edu for more information, including current pricing.

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