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Fun File Days

Before Fun File Days
After Fun File Days
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What are Fun File Days?

Fun File Days are an opportunity for offices and departments to reclaim precious space by purging or archiving documents that are no longer needed for business purposes per the University's Records Retention Schedule.

Records Management in the Office of the Secretary will provide bins from the University's shredding vendor (R4 Services) to any department that is interested in participating. Records Management provides the bins, you provide the fun! During the last Fun File Days event, DePaul shredded 7 tons of paper over five days.

Even if you don't have paper records you could use this week to promote the deletion of files on your department's shared drives or personal network drives or even going through and purging old emails!

When are Fun File Days?

Fun File Days occur twice a year, typically in June and November. Take this opportunity to clean out storage areas, file cabinets, and offices by placing records that are eligible for destruction into the bins and boxing up records that need to be stored off-site or sent to the University Archives. Fun File Days are also a great opportunity to clean up network drives and other electronic records repositories (such as ImageNow™).

What do I need to do if my department wants to participate?

Interested departments need to contact the Department of Records Management, at

All departments that participate will receive a certificate indicating how many trees, how much water, and how many other resources they saved based on how much they shredded and recycled. Prizes will be awarded to the departments that reclaim the most space.

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