How the Records Retention Schedule is organized

The Depaul University Records Retention Schedule is based on a hierarchical classification scheme consisting of Business Functions, Record Classes, and Record Type Examples:

At the highest level, Business Functions are broad categories of similar business processes, such as Legal or Human Resources. Although the Business Function names may resemble department names, the records grouped under a Business Function may be owned by multiple departments. For instance, although Contracts and Agreements may be classified under the Legal Business Function, this does not indicate that all contracts are to be found in the Legal department. Rather, it indicates that Contracts and Agreements, wherever they are kept, support a legal business process and function.

Within each Business Function, there are associated Record Classes. A Record Class is a category or group of records that support the same business process and that have similar retention requirements. Each Record Class has a unique Record Class Code, Name, and Description.

Under each Record Class, there is a list of associated Record Type Examples. Record Types are representative examples of the kinds of documents, files, reports, forms, and data that are classified under each Record Class. Please note this list is not intended to be exhaustive; rather, it is meant to cite common examples only.

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